5 cheap courier services in johor bahru

Searching for “cheap” courier services in Johor Bahru might be tiring and sometimes we get deceived by the pricing that is given online.

The information that is available online is already good. But is it good enough to satisfy us with the pricing?


Here are the Top 5 Cheap Courier Services in Johor Bahru:

  1. Pos Laju
  2. Motorex
  3. J&T
  4. City Link
  5. GDex

You might be familiar with these names that are listed above. If you know one of them, you might already know which one is the cheapest!

The concept of “cheap” here is normally cheap for “us”. It really depends on your capability and how affordable it is to your business.

Some of you might not run a business and are delivering items only from time to time.

No worries. I got you!

package delivery courier services johor bahru

We understand the struggle, there are nearly 70% of netizens in Malaysia and 82% of people in Johor Bahru doing their side hustle to support their families during this pandemic situations.

Delivery is crucial to their business and can be useful from time to time. Even when the delivery only needed within the area of the location itself. For example like when the consumer is from Klang and the delivery is within Klang.

And in this case, can also be when the consumer is in Johor Bahru, the customer is also in Johor Bahru. It will be neater when the delivery is only within a few days. Considering that it’s new.


neat GIF


Finding the best courier service in Johor Bahru will beneficial for those who only rely on their business to operate within the Johor Bahru area. A thing to note is that you could do things faster when you master an area.

And that’s what we are covering today.


Here’s the list of courier services in Johor Bahru that are considered cheap.

1. Pos Laju

poslaju perkhidmatan penghantaran barang

Have you ever felt that no one knows Pos Laju? Well, Pos Laju has never been in that situation. Unless you are in a rural area and it is out of coverage area.

You might not be seeking for Pos Laju but other services instead.

Here to tell you that, Pos Laju has been on for so long since they are a national courier.

They were known for Pos Malaysia. Some of you old folks that have been using Pos Malaysia for a while would know this.

They are actually a sister company.


The reason why it is cheap? Since they are a big company, their postage would not be that expensive.

No matter what area you wanted to send.

Unless you wanted to send your items to Sabah & Sarawak. Those places always have different pricing.

Here is the pricing for Pos Laju at the moment:

pos laju rates courier services

Walk-In Domestic Rates:

The pricing can be different from each zone, as you can see that the prices may be vary based on the “location to send from” and the “location to send to”.

The price also took account the volumetric weight of the item.

Pos Laju also has their own product which is their prepaid envelope and box.

Which is much easier to be counted and much more of a “ready-made” solution for their customers.


Pos Laju Prepaid Box and Envelope are for items that weigh around 500g to 10kg.

There are 2 types of envelope and box:

prepaid zone poslaju courier delivery

Orange colour can only cover within the region.

But if it’s the blue colour, you can deliver to other regions. Example from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah.


price poslaju courier service

Since it is already packaged into the price and the box itself to wrap the content/items that you wish to send.

It makes it much easier for customers to use this method.

Even though we have that, it would also be best if you could speak to Pos Laju or their sales department where you could negotiate to get cheaper prices.


2. Motorex

motorex kurier perkhidmatan penghantaran barang

Maybe some of you have never heard of Motorex. Most people don’t know worldwide that Motorex is actually a courier company.

The reason why most people still doesn’t know this company, it’s because it only operates in Johor Bahru at the moment.

The area of coverage is around Johor Bahru, and that’s why only a few people would know.

Motorex here is a courier company that mostly do from business to business. But for a normal user, you can use their services too! The fact that their service offers “Same Day Delivery”, which benefit that we can send an item within Johor Bahru area and get it on the same day.

What do you guys think?

Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity

I know that you wanted to know their price already. Alright, since they only cover Johor Bahru area. Their price will mostly depend on where you are sending to.

Here is the link to calculate the price: Motorex Calculator

Their price range is around RM6 to RM10. You can get more credits as you top up more on their system. This would be beneficial for future use.

Kind of like a “Buy 2, Free 1” concept.

quote freebies GIF by DontPayFull

The reason why I say it’s cheap is that they provide “Same Day Delivery” which that service itself is an “Express Service”.

Normally, express service like this, a courier company or any delivery services will charge a significant amount that ranges from RM10 to RM20 or more depending on the distance.

The further the distance, the more that you would need to pay.


3. J&T Express

j n t express courier service in johor bahru

Yup. I think you probably heard of this name already. Probably you bought something from Shopee or Lazada and other shopping sites.

They are currently booming in the courier and delivery market. Especially in the e-commerce space.

And to be honest, there’s a reason for that!

Personally, I think that their price is reasonable and there’s a reason why it is chosen by most online sellers that fully utilise J&T as their courier service.

Some online sellers might have Pos Laju as their 2nd choice. But that’s an option to think about.

And yes, I know you want to see their prices already.


Here it is:

j&t express courier service rates

Well, I didn’t say the whole list though. But this is their current rates for domestic deliveries.

For documents at RM8 and for parcels at RM10. T&C applied.

But if you want to check how much is the price, here is J&T Express Calculator.

The reason why J&T Express is in the list because they provide the “Next Day Delivery” and the pricing is as low as RM8. That’s already considered cheap for most of us. Since they cover entire Malaysia, that would be great for those who wanted to do domestic delivery.

As for delivery services in a certain area like Johor Bahru, which requires in-town delivery.

There will be a sorting area that they will assign before going to the final destination.


4. City Link

citylink courier services near me

City Link has been around for quite a while and I think y0u’ve noticed too that they are expanding rapidly in the delivery market.

Some of you might think that City Link only delivers using Van or Lorry. But that is not the case for now.

They have a large fleet even in Johor Bahru.

that's huge gordon ramsay GIF by MasterChef Junior

I believe that they are capable of catching up to the big players in the delivery niche. Even Pos Laju.

Saying that City Link as a cheap courier service in Johor Bahru may be too much but that’s not the case. Their price can be quite reasonable.

Being that their price list is not too expensive and not too cheap in a sense.


Currently, as the date from this post. They are currently charging at RM5 when the item is below 1kg.

Which to me is already considered cheap. Almost like the price of Pos Laju.

Well, if you are still unsure about whether to take City Link or not, it’s safe to email or contact them for further details.

Who knows, you might get a better deal?



gdex cheapest courier service in malaysia


I think you guys might expect GDEX to be in the list. Gdex has been around for 4 years in the delivery industry.

Especially in the courier services. They have been operating for such prompt courier service that delivers their parcels within 1 – 2 days time. Because they cover the entire Malaysia, they can prioritize their deliveries to each region.

There are some drawbacks though, as they sometimes might take longer in some cases that if the items have to be sent a bit from point A to point B. You could expect the delivery to be delayed to 4 – 6 days.

But then again, these are just some rare cases that some people have faced. Personally, I’ve used them before and the items sent were delivered around 2 – 3 days.

As for the pricing?

You could use GDEX Calculator here.

gdex rates january 2021

They are offering for each parcel as low as RM5 with the promotion period from 1st January to 31st March 2021.

Most of the courier services are charging low prices as of right now due to New Year and Chinese New Year Promotions.


Now that you have the top 5 Cheap Courier Services in Johor Bahru, you can choose between them and make sure that you choose the right courier service for your delivery services.

We know that it might be hard to choose for long term use. Be sure that each courier service do have ad hoc services where you could test each courier company to suits your needs.

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