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Motorex Malaysia – Same Day Delivery in Malaysia

Motorex is based in Johor Bahru, providing courier and office boy services for deliveries that require to complete the same day or get it instant within 90 minutes after pickup. That’s why it’s called Same Day Delivery in Malaysia.

The reason why Motorex is fastest at serving same-day delivery at such a low price that you could not get on any other platforms. You can just tell me a name that can deliver the same day without spending so much and charge per km.

Yes, you heard that right!

Motorex uses the economics of scale where when we provide the service, it’s almost like taking a bus where you only need to pay for a minimum of RM1.50 just to get to your destination that’s almost 10 – 20km away.

Then how would these buses earn if you only pay that much? Same like us, our clients pay the same amount as you for as low as RM6 per job no matter the distance! Even a job that is 40km away from your pickup. We will deliver your parcels or documents the exact same day!

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Motorex gives same-day delivery in Malaysia with a turnaround time that is the fastest. We provide two types of services for Motors which is Fast and Lagi Fast service. What this means is that Fast service can make that delivery time within the same day. Whereas the “Lagi Fast” service makes an adjustment to delivery within 90 minutes!

I would say this is the best of both worlds.

What’s the best part of using Motorex’s services?

We hire our own riders. What does this mean?

It means we can control and get the best riders that deliver with professionalism and ensure our client’s trust on their parcels and deliveries.


Reasons to choose Motorex as your company’s delivery services for Same Day Delivery in Malaysia

  • In-house employees
  • SMS/ Email notification before pickup.
  • SMS/ Email notification when the job is done.
  • Pickup from your doorstep
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Tailored service for different business industry.


In-house employees

Unlike most delivery services out there that use crowd-sourcing and anyone can get the job done. But do they really care about your parcel? We care deeply as our customer’s satisfaction is our utmost goal! We hire the best riders that we can get with great attitude and responsibility in the result of professionalism in their job.


SMS/ Email notification before pickup

Our system will notify you by using SMS and Email notification. The reason for this is so that our riders can be on-time during the pickup phase and deliver your parcel within the timeframe given.


SMS/ Email notification when the job is done

Our system will then notify you when the job is completed within the timeframe given. We can guarantee that the parcels will be delivered on the same day. By right, using our scheduled timeline to be absolutely precise.


Pickup from your doorstep

Yes. You don’t have to go to our store or our office to deliver your parcels. We will pick up directly from your doorstep, whether you are from an office, a factory, an accounting firm and many more. We will pick up right at your doorstep.


Real-time tracking

Track your parcels where ever they go. Our riders will update from checkpoint to checkpoint whether the parcels have arrived at our sorting area and already been delivered to your designated area. We will keep you updated on those urgent parcels.


Tailored service for different business industry

We can customize our solutions based on various industries. We wanted to help more businesses to solve their major problems in terms of their own micro logistics where they need to hire a dispatcher and an office boy to do all these tedious tasks. Currently, we are serving the accounting firms, law firms, wood factories and spare parts industry. We will continue to expand more to provide our clients with the best solutions possible.


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