Did you know why taking a bus from your office to bandar only cost RM2.00,

but taking a taxi cost you, RM20.00?

I can tell you the secret


The reason why taking a bus only cost RM2.00,

is because you are sharing the cost with all the other passengers on the bus.

Whereas a taxi will cost over RM20.00 because you are not sharing with another passenger and got that taxi all to yourself.

If you buy your own bus, you have to consider the cost when using it.

If the bus broke down, you have to deal with another problem.

That haven’t include the problems that you will face with your own drivers.

But when you have our bus system, there’s always the “next” bus no matter what happens.

Similarly, by joining our delivery system

(“bus system”)

You’re sharing the cost with other members in this system (“other passengers”)

pos barang murah

Our bus system will branch out to different areas at the same time, but if you have your own bus, you can only go one area at one time until the job is done.

One driver can’t fulfil all task if need to send goods to every area.

We can complete all areas to be completed at the same time.

You can feel the difference of efficiency and the HUGE COST REDUCTION on your part!

But when you join our “bus system”, you will have access to our 30+ drivers to yourself.

Still leveraging that “RM2.00” amount to the entire Johor Bahru area and deliver the items on the SAME DAY!

Lower your cost on “hiring driver” and outsource your delivery method to us instead!

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