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Let us bring you the story

of how we started…


“Hey, don’t block the earth from spinning leh!”

This happens when someone doing something that delays the entire team.

The traditional method of a company to deliver goods is by hiring drivers.”

This actually delaying the company’s workflow;

Example: Absent without informing, stuck in a traffic jam…

That’s why we want to shape the ecosystem to

We implemented the courier model in local transport

and it turned out GREAT!

The reason you only need to pay the courier RM7 to deliver goods to KL

is that you are sharing the cost with the
other 1000 senders.

By joining our ecosystem, you will get the benefit of sharing the cost with all our clients to deliver to

Kulai Area

Johor Bahru Area

Pasir Gudang Area

Nusajaya Area


We cover the entire Johor Bahru region!

Lower your cost on “hiring driver” and outsource your delivery method to us instead!

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Unlike the traditional outsourcing model, where you will have to pay more than “hiring a driver & buy your own lorry”.

Because they also have to make some profit to earn.

With our pricing, it will be a lot lower than “hiring a driver”.

By hiring yourself, you are limited to ONE driver and when the person is absent.

You will need to deliver it on your own.

But when you join our ecosystem, you will have access to our 30+ drivers to yourself.

No more absent drivers to send your goods.

Always have a backup to get the job done!

We realised some of the businesses tried to utilize their delivery efficiency by separating the area. However, this is built on the cost of customer’s satisfaction.

One driver can’t fulfil all task if need to send goods to every area. If they got an order for Skudai on Tuesday, then they have to wait till next week for the next delivery.

We pay our drivers higher than you because we have the quantity.

This is why we have the best drivers in Johor Bahru!

By joining us, you’ll get access to them too.


Same-Day Delivery, Everyday!

Offers Courier, Office Boy & Lorry Services

Lowest Cost Than Hiring Your Own Driver

Access To Over 30+ Drivers Every Time

Data Tracking For Client’s Logistic Database

Safety of Each Goods Sent And Ensure Professionalism

Ps. “Don’t let your driver block your earth from spinning”

Lower your cost on “hiring driver” and outsource your delivery method to us instead!

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