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Driver always makes “Emergency Excuses” such as their aunt passed away for the 7th time this year!

We wouldn’t know if it’s true or not. But in the end, you will have not enough drivers to complete your job.


Even if your driver didn’t make “Emergency Excuses”, he can only deliver to a few places due to traffic.

It will take a lot of time to even complete all the job for even one specific area.


If you think that you’re smart enough to separate your delivery by area,

For example: Monday – Austin; Tuesday – Skudai; Wednesday – Pasir Gudang; and so on…

If you had an order for Austin Area but you only received it on Tuesday, you have to send it by Monday next week.

How It Works?

By leveraging our service, you have more time to focus on sales, lower your logistic costs and have data of all your deliveries.


Same-Day Delivery, Everyday!

Offers Courier, Office Boy & Lorry Services

Lowest Cost Than Hiring Your Own Driver

Access To Over 30+ Drivers Every Time

Data Tracking For Client’s Logistic Database

Safety of Each Goods Sent And Ensure Professionalism

Ps. “Don’t let your driver block your earth from spinning”

Lower your cost on “hiring driver” and outsource your delivery method to us instead!

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