transport supply

What is a Transport Supply?

Transport supply is the capacity of the transportation infrastructures that is also known as a transport system for a specific period of time. Supply here shows the capacity, frequency and coverage. The capacity shows the amount of space that is available for transport. There are two types of capacity,

top 5 lorry delivery services

Top 5 Lorry Delivery Service in Johor Bahru

There’s a lot of solutions out there when it comes to moving items, transporting goods and even managing or sorting from one point to another point. When it comes to lorry delivery, it involves getting bigger items or having small items but large in quantity. Companies that utilise more

Motorex Provides NEW Same Day Delivery In Malaysia? Is it true?

One of the best “Same Day Delivery in Malaysia”! Motorex Malaysia – Same Day Delivery in Malaysia Motorex is based in Johor Bahru, providing courier and office boy services for deliveries that require to complete the same day or get it instant within 90 minutes after pickup. That’s why