top 5 lorry delivery services

There’s a lot of solutions out there when it comes to moving items, transporting goods and even managing or sorting from one point to another point.

When it comes to lorry delivery, it involves getting bigger items or having small items but large in quantity.

Companies that utilise more lorry deliveries often use for managing and sending goods to far places and using lorry can cut cost in delivery because they deliver in bulk.


Here are the top 5 delivery service that you can find

Top 5 Lorry Delivery Service in Johor Bahru

1. The Lorry

2. Motorex

3. Lorry365

4. Spots

5. MyLorry2U


According to the list above, these are some of the top 5 lorry delivery services that you can find in Johor Bahru.

If you feel that there are some companies that are not on this list, you may comment below the one’s that you recommend.

We hope that some of you might benefit more from this information.



1. The Lorry

lorry delivery thelorry

Some of you might know of “The Lorry” and some may not know if you use less of this type of lorry delivery services.

I think that The Lorry is quite advanced in terms of providing their system and having the luxury of the user-friendly app that can be used when ordering lorry delivery.

No more of the traditional way of calling for lorry for just moving services. You could also choose the type of lorry or transport that you prefer as certain lorry can only carry depending on the size.

Currently, TheLorry can take up to anything from small parcels to things as big as 8 feet tall.

TheLorry covers the entire area around Klang Valley and has expanded throughout the whole city.

Kuala Lumpur can get a taste of their services as that is one of the biggest and busiest cities that we know.


2. Motorex

lorry delivery motorex

They also provide lorry delivery services but instead of an area in Klang Valley or in Kuala Lumpur. They serve most of their customers in Johor Bahru!

That’s right, if you are in Johor Bahru, you can leverage the same thing like TheLorry but it’s a version in the Johor Bahru region.

All the services are the same and you can leverage from sending small parcels to large items like a mattress or even tables for house moving.

The concept is the same, basically, the company leverages from all the companies that are under them and make it cheaper.

Because everything is under the same boat. Since everyone is going the same way, some of the cost of the parcel is reduced.


3. Lorry365

lorry365 lorry delivery

We have another option for you if you are still searching for lorry delivery in Johor Bahru.

Another company in Johor Bahru that you can try is Lorry365 which offer the same service such as large item delivery, moving jobs or offices, a corporate delivery and they also provide a parcel locker service.

This is convenient for most people who are not home when the parcel arrived but it would be a hassle to pick it up during office hours.

This service is also the same as PosLaju Drop off & Collection of parcels.

You have to download the app in order to use their services.


4. Spots

spots logistic lorry

Well, I think most of you haven’t heard this one. Some of you may, some of you may not but nonetheless, Spot has always been a part of logistics.

I think you might “spot” them if you know what I mean.

Anyways, Spots is actually a digital freight platform that connects shippers to truckload carriers. That’s one of the lorry deliveries that is.

They make shipping easier and remove the headache of lifting things and help to settle the rest.

Although, you might need to think of it as more of a logistic company rather than a courier company.


5. MyLorry2U

mylorry2u lorry service delivery

For MyLorry2U, their lorries are all over Malaysia,  they have over 100 lorries that can travel the entire Malaysia.

You just have to arrange the lorry and they will do the rest. They provide a full house moving, office moving and parcels.

They also provide service to any destination of Thailand and Singapore. If you are looking for a service to move items to a different country. You can take the plunge.

Most of their services are going to be moving service that they are specialized in.


Now it’s the matter of choosing the right company for your errands on lorry delivery.

Whether it’d be a moving service or a delivery service, most lorries have the same thing in common, which is getting a large item or in quantity to a specific location in a timely manner.


Although finding the right lorry can be troublesome, it’s better to start by using one of the services listed above as you get to know which one’s are the best.

One company may not be the best from one another but each of them has its own qualities when it comes to delivery.



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