transport supply

transport supply

Transport supply is the capacity of the transportation infrastructures that is also known as a transport system for a specific period of time. Supply here shows the capacity, frequency and coverage. The capacity shows the amount of space that is available for transport.

There are two types of capacity, one is static and another one is dynamic. Dynamic capacity is the adjustment that can be achieved by using better technology and management.

The way that is easier to understand that transport supply is the number amount of passengers, volume or mass that can be transported within that period of time is considered as transport supply.

This will also affect the flow of supply and demand in transportation. A good transport company will provide the necessary transport supply that can meet the transport demand to satisfy the need for transportation.

In this case, the transport can be by freight, flight or door-to-door delivery (by motorcycle and lorry).


Reasons That Will Affect Freight Cost

There are a few reasons when freight costs will be affected and you might know some of them, as they also affect in our daily lives.


Fuel Cost

fuel cost transport supply

Likewise, everywhere that relates to fuel will give a significant impact on the way of any transportation work. When the price of fuel fall, the freight cost will become cheaper. But as the price went up, this will not only affect the transporter but the merchants and clients will get affected by it.



demand transport supply

With the massive amount of demand for freight, there’s not much room for everyone. Sometimes, in order to serve the remaining is by having the lead time around 2 – 3 weeks at most. Because the capacity of freight is fairly limited. Some spaces can become a lot more pricey than normal.


Vehicle Capacity

vehicle capacity transport supply

Some companies have smaller fleets and this will result in the amount of capacity to deliver the items. Trucking companies will have different types of lorries that are suitable to make door-to-door deliveries.


Government Regulations

regulation transport supply

Regulations may be the root of the cause that could mess everything up from merchants to the freight company itself. They will affect the freight cost and freight operations depending on the cause.

With the slight change in the government rules, freight companies have to step up and make some changes. This leads to a rose in freight costs and labour costs.


Transportation is a market where everyone needs the service no matter the company, cost and time. A good transport company able to meet transport demands. It is one of the ways that are cheaper than “sending it yourself”.

Having an economic system that can transport almost anything from different locations and handle the logistics of it.

The thing that you must know is that all these transportation services have only one goal, which is fulfilling a derived transport demand.

And everything needs to be done accordingly based on the time and space that they have.

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