courier delivers same day delivery in johor bahru

When it comes to same-day delivery, it doesn’t mean it is “instant delivery”, it means that the item will be received on the same day!

Currently, there are a few couriers that are able to fulfill this purpose. Whether which one you choose, there are differences when it comes to “Same day delivery” and “Instant delivery”.


Here are a few lists of couriers that deliver on the same day in Johor Bahru:

  • Motorex
  • ZeptoExpress
  • MrSpeedy
  • Uparcel
  • Boon4


By knowing which courier is the best suited for you will be up to you, I will be breaking down the list mentioned above for same day delivery courier.

But before we get into that, we need to know more about the term “Same Day Delivery” and “Instant Delivery”

The reason for this is because that most people are mistaken same day delivery for instant delivery. The closest reason this because they are used to ordering fast delivery such as “Grab Food and Foodpanda”


What is a “Same Day Delivery”?

same day delivery in johor bahru

Same day delivery means that the item that you ordered on that day will arrive on the same day. It’s that straightforward but comes with a twist.

In order to fulfill that requirement, there’s always a schedule in place or timing for the parcel to be picked up whether it can be done within the same day.

Most of the time, it can be done if the order is picked up early of time and can be done by the end of the day.

No matter what is the time, it will be done on the same day. The only issue that most people are facing is “How long does it take?”

Now, this will confuse the users as they will think of it as an “Instant Delivery”, where it is not.

Same day delivery can be around 3 – 8 hours of delivery but I can say that it is within 24 hours.

Even if it can’t be done on the same day, and will be delivered next day, it has to be within 24 hours after the parcel is picked up.


What is an “Instant Delivery”?

same day delivery in johor bahru

Instant delivery here is one of the deliveries that are not even more than 1 day. Or to be frank, it can be done within 1 hour time.

Well, the name here is “Instant”. It has to be “instant” for a reason. Like instant noodles, it only took 3 mins to cook.

So, the concept here is the same thing, even though it is delivered on the same day, it is much faster than “Same Day Delivery”.

Okay, when it comes to this, what are the drawbacks that can make this service available?

Yes, you guessed it right! Definitely the price of the “Instant Delivery”.

Rather than normal delivery, it is almost the same thing as charging a taxi to take that item from point A to point B.

Whereas using “Same Day Delivery” is like a bus, you can send the same location but with multiple stops.

The difference? The pricing, of course.

Instant Delivery can be pricey at times, it will be more expensive when the distance from the sender’s location and the receiver’s location is so far apart.

Some prices are about as high as RM40 just from Pasir Gudang to Nusajaya. And the good thing is, you can get that item within an hour or less!


Here is the list mention above:

Motorex – Same Day Delivery

motorex logo

As we know it, we ourselves provide “Same Day Delivery” more rather than “Instant Delivery” services. The reason is because that we focused more on the cheaper pricing when getting the items on the same day!

Not all deliveries we can take as a “Same Day Delivery”. For instance, delivering meal or food that are still hot, is not very practical. As that should be “Instant Delivery”.

Why is that? Because you don’t want the food to get cold even if you get it on the same day, it has to be done within 30 – 60 mins.

Don’t you think? So, yes, same day delivery for Motorex does apply with the help of a schedule that we and our customers have to follow in order to enjoy cheap pricing.


ZeptoExpress – Same Day Delivery

zepto express same day delivery motorex

When it comes to the word “Express”, you should be able to know that, the service here is mostly “Instant Delivery”.

Yes, they do same day delivery in Johor Bahru and the focus point that they want to achieve is Instant Delivery.

Very similar service as the GrabExpress. They have to delivery the items within 30 to 90 mins. The pricing here would be different.

The difference here is that Zepto doesn’t have an office boy service like Motorex, means we can queue and etc.

But they do have “Return” service, with an additonal charge.

This normally does not apply to GrabExpress.

Probably the best alternative to GrabExpress, in my opinion.



mrspeedy jb motorex

MrSpeed also provides same day delivery which you can choose from using the app.

The pricing here however is very different and quite competitive. They use a bit of an e-commerce method just like Grab.

Which is having the availability of riders will be crucial in completing orders.

The way they deliver is almost the same as ZeptoExpress. You can compare those two when it comes to 90 mins delivery.

Which is closest to Instant Delivery.



uparcel same day deliver

Now, UParcel has same day delivery and it all comes down to the prices. When the weight is much heavier, it can get a little bit pricey.

I can say that it is not the same like Zepto or MrSpeedy.

But it is close to normal courier which can also provide deliveries around Johor Bahru area.

The easiest thing is the ordering part where they have an app to utilize this but be warn that it is not as par as Zepto with a slick UI.

The important part is the same day delivery.



same day delivery johor bahru

We can say that Boon4 is the same as Zepto and MrSpeedy. They are app-based and utilizes unused vehicles where they crowdsource just like the method Grab was using.

They provide same-day delivery and as well as 90 mins delivery. They have different type of services other than Zepto or MrSpeedy.

They also have Late Night Delivery which is coming close to GrabExpress if users are active at night.


So, now you know the difference between the two, same day delivery and instant delivery.

They are quite similar but not the same. Even for their specification.

Now you need to know which one of your orders is urgent and not urgent.

In this way, not only you can deliver your items fast, you can organize your system of customers based on the urgency and classes.

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