Established since 2016, Motor Express Delivery Sdn Bhd is a fast-growing express delivery provider with increasing presence across nationwide (Johor Bahru, JB, Kuala Lumpur, KL, Selangor). With the combination of both traditional and modern technology driven systems, making MOTOREX a fast, reliable, and secure logistic solution to meet the market current and future needs.
    400000 +
    Tasks Delivered
    to Date
    4300 +
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    Own Fleets
    with Full-time Drivers
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    1ST JANUARY 2016
    Our Services
      Cross-town transportation Service
    (Consolidate & Chartered)
      In-town transportation Service
      Driver Replacement Program
      Office-boy Service
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    Why Choose Us
    Technology-driven System & SOP For Daily Operation
    API-ready System
    Live-tracking & Email+Whatsapp Notification System
    Daily Return Delivery Order (DO)
    Door-to-door Service. Pick Up Even Only 1 Carton
    Manpower Loading / Unloading Options
    No Outsource. All In-house Drivers
    Fix Schedule Consolidated Delivery Service
    Strong Local Distribution Ability In Klang Valley & Johor Bahru Due To Driver Replacement Program
    Our Reviews
    pickup at 4pm and received at 6pm really fast!!! Cheap!!! The most important is RM10 voucher when you sign up, better than X&X lol
    Rei Uei
    Wonderful service, affordable price.Friendly motor despatch staff. Same day delivered as promised.Thanks, will sure continue using your services.
    The courier service very fast. Haven't tested the "lagi fast" option yet. But so far, decent for in town delivery.
    Syahir Riza
    Ordered around 9am. The document that asked to send was delivered at 2:30pm. Quite reasonable.
    Jowel Khan
    Ordered motor courier & office boy service. I am very satisfied. Highly recommended.
    Fast delivery service! Excellent!
    Keep up the good work!
    LaDy RiRiN
    Our Clients
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