Industries We Serve

FMCG Industry
(Cargo Delivery to Dealers Chain-Stores)
F&B Franchise Industry
(Replenish of Ingredients to Outlets)
Tiles Industry
(Delivery to Site & Showroom, Manpower Provided)
Publishing Industry
(Cargo Delivery to Retail)
Machinery, Spare Part, Hardware Industry (Delivery of Carton, Drum Oil, Machine or Pallet)
Pharmaceutical Industry
(Delivery to Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy & Confinement Center)
Automobile Industry
(Delivery of Componenets, Spare Parts)
Packaging Industry
Printing Industry
(Delivery of Namecards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures)
Accounting Firm
(Delivery of Account Submission Forms)
Lawyer Firm
(Delivery of Submission Forms)
Freight Forwarding Agency
Our Clients
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