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Have you ever wonder why delivery to 30km away is not able to be done within the same day?

Because this is how prevailing courier companies work. We do not agree with that, and that was how MOTOREX® was founded on 1st January 2016.

MOTOREX® is a transporter who applies the courier company model:

  • We help our clients to achieve EOQ (Economies of Scales) that all our clients can share transportation costs, especially for loose stocks
  • Unlike traditional transporter, we use an online system to manage clients’ orders, which allows us to manage the big quantity of orders with the lowest human error, in turn allowing our clients to enjoy a lower cost.
  • Fix schedule which allows our clients to plan delivery in a promising manner.
  • On top of that, for in-town delivery, by limiting the geographical boundary to 1 city, we make same-day delivery possible with this low cost. What does this imply? It means that we are the perfect substitute for companies’ self-hiring dispatch and drivers.

In 2021, having grown to a team of 40 drivers and serving 3,000 customers, with the overwhelming requests by existing clients to further solve their delivery problems, MOTOREX® expanded to cross-town delivery for the whole of Johor.

In 2022, we launched our Selangor branch with the same model: Same-Day-Delivery within Klang Valley, 2-Days-Delivery within whole Selangor.

Our proven model has been helping companies to do dispatch errands and deliver stocks. Why do they choose MOTOREX? 

Because we charge lower than their salary, because our “1 man 1 area” allows their delivery to multiple customers can be done at the same time, because our large pool of delivery man provides back up if someone was absent, while you could only deliver yourself if your employee is absent.

Delivery inefficiency is like blocking the earth from spinning, especially in this e-commerce era.


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Our Mission

Integrating the human resource of corporate office boy and in-town courier, achieving higher efficiency and lower cost with ECONOMY OF SCALES.

Our Vision

Shaping the community of in-town logistic including corporate office boy, corporate delivery man and courier man.

Why Choose Motorex?

WhatsApp before pick-up/delivery

In-house employee

 Email notification after the job is done

Pick-up from doorstep

Real-time tracking

Tailored service for different business industry